The Bishop, the Hospital and the Diocese of Phoenix

Immaculate Heart Radio and the Diocese of Phoenix are pleased to present this special broadcast with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix about the decision to revoke the Catholic identity of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

This program first aired on Immaculate Heart Radio on Dec. 22, 2010. The Catholic radio station can be heard in Phoenix on 1310 AM and in two dozen markets in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

For more information about St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix losing its Catholic identity, please visit

7 thoughts on “The Bishop, the Hospital and the Diocese of Phoenix

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Bishop Olmsted, together with Bishop Bruskewitz, and many other bishops are my inspiration in my prolife effort inside and outside the Church. Your courage leadership is fitting at this time of the year, Christmas time. I’d like to quote the late Pope John Paul II on the, “Prolife” message of Christmas, as we read in the Gospel of Life, “By His incarnation th Son of God has united himself in some fashion with every human being’…This saving event reveals to humanity not only the boundless love of God who ‘so loved the world that he gave his only son’ (John 3:16), but also the incomparable value of every human person” (no.2). Pope John Paul II, in the Gospel of Life. God bless you dear bishop. Keep up the courageous spirit! The Church and children need it!

  3. My commendations to Bishop Olmsted……… we need more bishops like your bishop in Phoenix…… take the tough stand……….. draw a definitive line and clearly divide the “frauds” from the “non-frauds. Please, God………… that more such decisive actions may be taken all across our land in defense of our Catholic Faith against the evil scourge of abortion. Gracias, gracias, Bishop Olmsted. Galatians 6:9. From Donald Tobkin, Minnesota — USA

  4. Hello I am catholic, and I am having a really hard time given and answer to some of the attacks of my costumer, they know I am catholic and they attack me, and I feel bad because I do not have much information so that I can give and answer.

    How did the Catholic Church found out the medical condition of the mother the one that the doctor perform and abortion with the permision of the Nun. And if you can give me more details about it. I understand that if the mother is in labor, and both lives are in danger they suppose to to chose the life of the mother. Is that the situacion that they were confronted when the lady was on labor? and why is the church so dissapointed?

    • Thank goodness for Bishop Olmstead and no Mena, not only is the life of the mother endeavored to be saved, but equal attention must be given to both patients, both mother and child. The child may not be directly killed to save the life of the mother.

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  6. Bottom line: is the application of double effect pertinent or not to this moral scenario? From my reading of Sr. McBride’s analysis of the event, she made a comparison between the morally permitted removal of a fetal-implanted but cancerous uterus, with the removal of an 11 week old, progesterone-producing placenta to prevent exacerbation of a life-threatening pulmonary hypertension by virtue of the progesterone. I am not speaking about the hospital or its catholic heritage – only this moral scenario; I cannot understand why this is not a tenable argument. Granted, you are questioning the veracity of this being an immediate and definitive life-threatening event (which pulmonary hypertension in the face of massive hemodynamic shifts can be); I am only asking why, if we trust what was conveyed, why Double Effect would not apply.

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