June 13, 2011: Religious vs. Spiritual, a Seminarian Goes to Rome, and a Catholic Business Networking Organization

Fernando Camou, second from left, is pictured here with Dan Connealy, Jimmy Wraith and A.J. Enfield. File photo from 2010 by Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN.

Today on The Bishop’s Hour, for everyone who believes they’re spiritual but just not religious, we’ll explore what that really means with guest Bill Haley, a teacher at Archway Veritas Academy. Then we’ll meet Fernando Camou, a seminarian whose been chosen by Bishop Olmsted to take his theology training at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. He’ll talk about his vocational journey. Then if you’re a Catholic business person who’s been looking for a Catholic business networking organization, we’ll introduce you to a real live one, right here in the Valley, when we sit down with Sue Force of the Catholic Commerce Networking Association.

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