Aug. 27, 2012 – Astronomy, Authentic Feminism and Ministering to the Disabled

Xavier Catholic Prep students look through a telescope at an event to promote science and technology studies to girls. On today’s show, we learn about the work of the Vatican Observatory Research Group. Ambria Hammel/CATHOLIC SUN

Today, Fr. Chris Corbally, SJ, Vice Director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group in Tucson joins us to talk about his work.  Catholic wife, mother of three, freelance writer, speaker and blogger, Becky Bowers-Greene helps us understand authentic feminism.  Ryan Hanning, Director of Parish Leadership Support at the Diocese of Phoenix, shares how the Church works to help those with disabilities.  Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted shares part two of his reflection on Eucharistic love in his weekly message.

The Bishop’s Hour is a program produced by and for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, presenting Church news and theological reflections, discussing contemporary issues facing today’s Catholics in Arizona, and featuring a weekly message from Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. It airs each Monday at 11 a.m. on 1310 AM Immaculate Heart Radio in Phoenix. Encore presentations can be heard each Thursday at 9 p.m.

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One thought on “Aug. 27, 2012 – Astronomy, Authentic Feminism and Ministering to the Disabled

  1. Father Chris Corbally SJ I really admire the scientific research carried out at the Vatican Observatory, and I believe you are the scientists who most of all they can come closer to the truth revealed as being also men of faith have a more complete and comprehensive view of the events that led in being our wonderful universe. You are our sentinels guarding the frontier of human knowledge, looking for traces of the Divine in this wonderful cosmic tapestry do advance the understanding of humanity’s place it occupies in the Creation, and make clear that while having to maintain a due humility taught by the discoveries of ‘ astrophysics, such as the fact that we live in a universe governed by immense and eternal laws, our yearning for that which is infinite is given to us from knowing that we are not here by chance but we are in the image and likeness of our Creator’s Divine Part of His Intelligent Design and that for us there is a project of eternity.
    Experimental Science, Reason and Faith philosophical theological distiniti are the three levels of human knowledge and each of the levels has its own object and manner of knowledge.
    The Science sperimntale, as such, is concerned with the “how to” behave material things based on experience sensitive, can not tell us anything about God, which is not palpable.
    The reason is concerned with the “why” of things and wonder why the world exists rather than nothing, and on the basis of reasoning (5-Way of St. Thomas) might get to prove the existence of God could say as it is not easy and it’s not like 2 +2 = 4.
    Faith, a gift that God offers to everyone but not all accept it, gives us the proof of the existence of God the Creator and Redeemer triune.
    The three levels are distinct but are not watertight compartments, in the sense that the man experimenting on the nature of the first level, can not fail to see the order and beauty, and from there goes to secodo level, that of reason, which by the beauty and from which there is finality in nature follows that there must be an absolute good and an authorizing officer etc. .. .


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